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About Us

Entrepreneurial skills

Self-employment especially for the youth should be supported by the government, private sector and non-government organizations. The aim of this programme is: to establish an entrepreneurial support strategy to help young people start and manage their own business; to promote youth enterprise as a career option;
to ensure youth enterprise development programmes address the main problems facing young people.

Goal setting

It helps the youth to know what are goals, how to set up goals, how to prioritize goals, how to measure your goals, and to make their goals to be S.M.AR.T.

Career guidance

Areas covered includes The A-Z list of Careers, Role of aptitude tests, Steps in choosing a Career (Research, Self-knowledge, Timing, Decision, Mentorship), Subject selection & Subjects choice, as well as Career Examples to choose from.

Study Skills

We train the youth to know What are study skills, What are barriers to study, 10 Methods to study, Keys to effective study, Exploring limitations to certain study methods.
How to concentrate, Reasons why learners don’t concentrate, The importance of exercise, The importance of proper balanced diet, The benefits of taking notes, Exploring the mind mapping & other note taking methods and How to memorize better.

Youth Mentoring & Coaching

This is a programme for youth leaders and focuses on Mentoring / Coaching, Exploring the historical background, Exploring differences / similarities of mentoring & coaching, The relationships between mentoring & coaching, The 10 powerful qualities of a mentor, How to become a good mentor and How to choose a good mentor.

Youth Wellness Programme

HIV/AIDS & Youth
This comprehensive and intensive programme covers every aspect of HIV/AIDS and will empower young people and their organizations to address What is HIV/AIDS, The origins of HIV/AIDS, The scientific discovery of the virus, HIV/AIDS and the immune system, Different stages of HIV, Transmission of HIV , The seriousness of HIV/AIDS training today, How was life before the discovery of the virus, HIV/AIDS & Opportunistic infections (TB, STI’s, Pneumonia), HIV/AIDS & behaviour change, HIV/AIDS Prevalence in SA, HIV/AIDS in the global economy, A study of HIV/AIDS in the sub-Saharan Africa, peer education, counselling & support, Developing HIV/AIDS strategy for young people, Care and support for infected and affected youth, Dealing with discrimination and victimization, Impact of HIV/AIDS on your studies, HIV/AIDS Policy & The Law, Resources / tools & youth organization dealing with HIV/AIDS, Addressing child-headed households, Prevention (Condom usage, the ABC’s message), VCT, ARTs, etc.

Substance Abuse & Pregnancy

What is substance abuse, Reasons why youth engage in substance abuse, Dealing with Drugs, alcohol in schools, Violence as a result of substance abuse, Identifying different types of drugs, The youth, the law and substance abuse, How to help the youth to stop abusing harmful substances, Organizations dealing with substance abuse.


Causes for teen pregnancy, Problems on teen pregnancy, youth response to teen pregnancy, Social structures and organizations dealing with teen pregnancy, Teen pregnancy in school, Teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, How to curb teen pregnancy.

Youth Stress & Depression

Definition of Stress / Depression, Differences: Stress / Depression, Similarities: Stress / Depression, Causes of Stress / Depression, Symptoms of Stress / Depression, How to help young people who are Stressed & Depressed, Peer support: Young people helping their friends to deal with Stress & Depression, How to deal with Stress / Depression, The role of support officials (social workers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors, etc) is dealing with cases of Stress & Depression.

Youth Suicides

What is teen suicide? What are the causes of teen suicide? Factors leading to and common reasons for suicides, Identifying Early signs of suicides, What should parents do when they see suicidal signs, What should educators do when they see suicidal signs, What should friends / peers do when they see suicidal signs, Trauma Debriefing at school after suicide (for learners, educators, & parents, What is the role of law enforcement agents in suicide cases, What is the role of support officials (social workers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, etc) is dealing with cases of suicide.