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About Us

The leading school of management and leadership development.

SACBS is one of the leading schools of management and leadership development and is one of South Africa's premier training providers. Located in the heart of Randburg business district, Johannesburg, South Africa, SACBS is committed to excellence and the highest standards of quality and service delivery to our students, staff and all other stakeholders. We assist individuals and organisations to achieve their goals by enhancing their management and leadership potential. Our learning programmes are designed to inspire and transform not only the minds, but the hearts and souls of our students, and to develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours required for success.
SACBS draws from a wide pool of experts who have hands on experience in their fields of expertise. They include top level business executives, prominent lawyers, engineers, chartered accountants, information technology specialists and academics.
Training and course facilities are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and in-house at your corporate location. To grow your company you need well trained, efficient staff. SACBS ensures you remain ahead in an intensely competitive globalised world.

Training and course facilities are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and in-house at your corporate location

To be a leading provider of strategic conferences, training courses, customised training solutions and exhibitions which are highly focused on issues facing industry on a day-to-day basis.

To promote business growth and quality service delivery through provision of excellent skills training programmes

Provide in-house and out-door training in specific client demanded short-term training as well as generic training in Government identified Priority Skills that aim to address the current skills gap in South Africa.

South Africa Centre for business studies believe and uphold the following “REE” principles, namely;

Responsibility: We respond 100% to the needs of our clients and their developmental calls/needs is our full responsibility;
Effective: We offer effective and produce high standard quality programmes that have dynamic life impact;
Efficiency: We help individuals to show efficiency in their working environments and serve all our clients with utmost zeal and unquestionable professionalism efficiently.